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Good things are good

Thing finally falling back into place. It feels good to know I’ve been recognized and will be spending my summer abroad to study and do research. Also I’ve gotten so much positive vibes from Greek week this week and I’m just feelin on top of the world right now.

Best part is, I’m doing it all for me. This is some time I can just focus on myself and not really care about anyone else. I can do my work all week, screw around a bit, then sail all weekend with the team, and really I can’t ask for much more.

Life is good.


Winter Travel Destinations

Miss this right now😔

Simon Harsent

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Our campus lost a valued and loved member of Greek life and tonight our thoughts and prayed go out to the family of the girl who passed away and the sister of the Beta Tau Phi Mu here at Drexel University. I did not get a chance to know you well but most of our chapter did and you were our honorary sweetheart. Thank you for spreading cheer and smiles wherever you went, and may you rest in peace. 

Today I watched my big break down in front of the whole chapter (as well as some other guys who took the news harshly). This was kind of an eye opening experience. It was nice to know that i could put my arm around any man in the chapter tonight and he would put his arm right back on my shoulder, just for the sake of brother ship. We come together to mourn this tragedy and know that we will always be here for each other. My big knew he could talk to me and relax with me tonight after the news and that’s amazing, and my RA, who’s also a SigEp and probably the person im closest to here at school,  came and made sure me and my big (his old resident) were okay, and made sure we knew he loved us no matter what. 

It’s nights like these that I know that i have true  friends and brothers here at school and i would do anything not to lose them. I love you Kody and Dimitri.

RIP Steph….



Sig ep


Sunday Sailing

Jeffrey P. | A St. Baldrick's Participant

Hey guys. I know I don’t know all of you personally, but I know you guys all have your own stories, and this is part of mine. 

I’m raising money for pediatric cancer research with the St. Baldrick’s foundation. This is a national organization dedicated to funding the crazy idea’s that doctors and hospitals have that could help save the lives of hundreds of children. You can read more about the grants like the one here at CHOP, that helped to save 22 kids lives, who were otherwise un-treatable. 

So if you have any change to spare, check out my page and help St. Baldrick’s conquer childhood cancer.